Spares and customized interiors. Design, manufacturing, MRO, supply & services.

InteriorsDIRECT GmbH designs/manufactures/repairs cabin interior spares and realizes interior customization projects from design to delivery for the global commercial aviation aftermarket. Approved production according to EASA Part 21J, 21G and 145 regulations state highest quality and airworthiness. Value adding services complete the total interiors competence portfolio from one source.


Video: a quick business introduction in 1:35min.

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Thanks for all meetings at MRO Europe in Amsterday. A pleasure to see lots of customers and friends.



See our company overview on one page.



We have summarized the complete cabin flooring service as product description under downloads.



We opened our Cabin Appearance Center (CAC) in Hamburg to serve our customers online with cabin appearance improvements.



See our new business introduction video.



Check out our innovative and simple COVID-19 mask dispenser.



Mid-Seat table as new product available as mid-seat blocker or add-on service.



Pax2Cargo conversion. Please see our special on structure protection and cabin safety.



COVID-19 special: We have summarized several products for airlines to gain back again PAX' comfort on board.