"Cabin Walk"

Cabin interior spare parts are often ordered after aircrafts check-in for MRO activities. Lead-times for spares are mostly longer than aircraft availability so that non-available spares are a high risk for service completion and costs.


We are able to send an experienced "Cabin Excellence Team" to do a cabin assessment on board the aircraft a few weeks before aircraft check. The documentation is a result to follow up in a critical P/N meeting. Critical parts ordered then can be delivered within the middle of the MRO phase and ensure stability and fulfilling customers demands.


Risks can be mitigated without high costs in stocking thousands of P/N.


A "Cabin walk" makes airlines and MROs smart without any efforts and pays back during MRO activities quickly.


You doubt the team has the knowledge. If not doing "Cabin Walks" the team de-/installs complete cabins at Airbus FAL or completion centers following OEM and customer standards.